Sunday, March 29, 2015

27 March 1985 born David Navara

David Navara (source: wikimedia)
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David Navara 
(born March 27, 1985) is a chess Grandmaster from the Czech Republic. On the April 2007 FIDE rating list he was ranked number 14 in the world with an Elo rating of 2720, making him the highest-ranked Czech player. 
As of the March 2015 FIDE rating list Navara achieved a personal high with an Elo rating of 2736 and was ranked number 22 in the world.

Polish Championship 2015.03.28. Interesting game: Klekowski, Maciej - Piorun, Kacper

Saturday, March 7, 2015

Chess in Tanzania


Pittsburgh chess tournament. In tournament play Kamsky and Shabalov

Gata Kamsky (source: wikimedia)

Lucas Chess 9.0 new official version best chess software

You have an extensive list of trainings with which to try to improve your chess:
- Training positions
- Play like a grandmaster
- Training mates
- Find best move
- Learn openings by repetition
 - Training with a book
- Your daily test
 - Resistance Test
 - Learn tactics by repetition
- Check your memory on a chessboard
- Find all moves
- Becoming a knight tamer
 - Moves between two positions
 - Determine your calculating power
- Learn a game

The program has 21 engines prepared to play from the start, and with very different levels, from 1300 to 3000 elo.
This list of engines is not closed and you can add other ones with the only limitation that they use the UCI protocol.
The game can be set, limiting the depth of analysis of the motor or the time used to think, or by modifying the way in which it decides. You can also choose the opening, or start in a certain position, or that the engine uses a book of openings or more or less aid.
Younger children will be able to begin their apprenticeship with special engines that know little more than moving the pieces, and this will enable them to win against the engines from the very beginning.

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Sunday, March 1, 2015

92 Chess Engines witch M - download

Engines download: Macromix_vb1_0b.7z macromix2_01.7z MADCHESS 1.2.7Z MadChess-1.3.7z MadChess1.4.7z MadChess-1-0.7z MadChess-1-1.7z Madeleine.7z madlenka.7z MagnumChess_v4.00.7z magnumchess-30-(r20)-ja.7z Mainsworthy Super Tourny209 Ex213 Re118.7z Mangopaola_2.0.1.7z MangoPaola4.1.7z Marginal01.7z markovian.7z Marks Mainsworthy Engines & ChessGUI04.7z marquis16.7z Mars_1.1_x64_x86.7z Mars_1.5_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.6_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1.7_beta_AVX_x64.7z Mars_1_x64.7z Mars_18_all.7z Mars_191_all.7z Mars_2.0_x64.7z Mars_2.1_x64.7z Mars_2.2_x64.7z Mars_2.5_x64.7z Mars_2.6_x64.7z Mars_2.7_x64.7z Mars_2.8_x64.7z Mars_3.1.7z Mars_3.2_x64.7z Mars_3.3_x64.7z Mars_3.31_x64.7z Mars_3.33_x64.7z Mars_3.34_x64.7z Mars_3.35_x64.7z Mars_3.36_x64.7z Marvin_130.7z Matacz-1.4_HT74.7z Maverick 0.51 2013-10-10.7z Maverick 2013-09-15.7z Maverick0.05 2013-08-01.7z Maverick0.11.7z Maverick0.2_2013-08-16.7z mediocre_v0.5.7z MEPHISTO 138d.7z Mephisto Gideon Professional.7z Merlin- Milady_295.7z Minichess.7z Minimardi.1.3.7z minimardi.1.3-final.7z MiniRoque_2.1_win.7z MinkoChess1_3.7z minnow.7z Mint_23.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05.7z MishasMauler 03 and 05 By eliasgino2007.7z MishasMauler_03and_04_.7z MishasMauler03T.7z MishasMauler05.7z MishasMauler07.7z MishasMauler07T.7z MishasMauler10T.7z MishasMauler11T.7z MishasMauler12T.7z MishasSwooper01.7z MishasSwooper02.7z MishasSwooper06.7z MishasSwooper06 By eliasgino2007.7z mizar-30-ja.7z Monarch(v1.7).7z Monik.7z Mooboo_01.7z Moron10.7z Morphy.7z MorphyChess105.7z movei00_8_438.7z Mrchess.7z mscp.7z mscp16h.7z Murka 3.7z Murka_2.7z muse.7z mustang497.7z myrddin-085-ja.7z myrddin-086-ja.7z mystery.7z

26 Chess Engines witch O - download

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Stockfish 15022818 - new development version very strong chess engine UCI

Stockfish - chess engines UCI
Previous version chess engine Stockfish 

Author compilation - 
Stéphane Nicolet 

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46 Chess Engines witch K - download

Engines download: k2_043f.7z k2_057.7z k2_063.7z k2_067.7z k2_v_035.7z k2_v_038.7z k2_v_043.7z k71.7z Kace.7z Kaissa18a.7z kaissa2_10.7z Kanguruh193.7z KasparovX.7z kenny-0110-ja.7z KennyClassIQ0. KennyClassIQ0. KennyClassIQ-master0.2.7z Kerostave Engine.7z KillerQueen.7z kitteneitor- kitteneitorWindows64_0_18_1.7z Kiwi.7z kiwi06d_x64_ja.7z kmtchess-121-ja.7z Knight.7z knightcap-37e-ja.7z KnightX.7z Knightx1.92.7z knockout-0.7.1-build002.7z komodo10-ja.7z komodo-11-ja.7z komodo-12-ja.7z komodo-13b1-ja.7z komodo-13-ja.7z Komodo2.01all_version.7z komodo-2.03-ja.7z komodo2-ab.7z komodo3.7z komodo3-32-win.7z Komodo4.7z kurt_0_9_2_beta.7z kurt_0_9_beta.7z kurt-092.2-beta-ja.7z kurt-092-beta-ja.7z kurt-09-beta-ja.7z kurt-271009-fix-ja.7z